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DIY Your Dream Website Like A Pro

DIY Your Dream Website Like A Pro

Going it alone? High five to ya. Designing your own website can seem like a daunting task, but with the right approach, it can be a fun and rewarding experience.

You will achieve the best results when you properly plan first. Spend the time asking yourself those hard questions so that you can get your structure and your user journey down pat.

Some facts to consider before you begin:

75% of consumers admit to making judgements on a company’s credibility based on their website design.

88% of websites consumers won’t return to a page if they have a bad experience

First impressions are 94% design-related.

So remember, it is SUPER important to focus on getting that first above the fold experience right when it comes to your sites design, messaging and user experience.

Here are some of our best tips for those looking to design their own website:

1. Determine the purpose of your website and figure out what your audience is going to need to know from you


Before you start to do anything else, it’s important to identify the purpose of your website. Are you creating a blog, an e-commerce site, or a portfolio? Why do you need a website and what does it need to contain? Is it to be a place of resource, a place to establish your credibility or to sell products?

2. Getting organised is the key to your website’s success!


Understanding your website’s purpose will help guide your design decisions and make sure you are making the right decisions when it comes to your users and what they need to learn from you.

3. Choose a user-friendly website builder


There are many website builders available, and it’s important to choose one that is user-friendly and meets your needs. From our experience we normally recommend using one of the following who all have pros and cons when it comes to their performance and how easy they are to use. Shopify, Showit, Squarespace or WordPress.

If you would like a comparison you can check out:
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4. Keep your design simple


A clean and simple design is often the most effective. Avoid cluttering your site with too many design elements or information unless you know what you are doing. Use white space to create a clean and organised layout and to help direct the users eye to key marketing messages and CTA buttons.

5. Use high-quality images


Images can make or break a website’s design. Use high-quality images that are relevant to your website’s purpose. If you don’t have access to professional photos, there are many stock image websites that offer free or low-cost options.

Where to find the best quality imagery on the web

6. Choose a consistent colour palette


A consistent colour palette can help tie your website’s design together. Choose a color scheme that is consistent with your brand and use it throughout your site.

7. Optimise your website for search engines


Search engine optimisation (SEO) is important for ensuring that your website is discoverable by search engines. Use relevant keywords in your content, optimize your images with alt tags, and ensure that your site’s structure is SEO-friendly.

Want to learn more about SEO we have two great blogs to get you started:

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8. Test your website


Before launching your website, be sure to test it on different devices and browsers to ensure that it looks and functions properly – ESPECIALLY on a mobile. Did you know that 92.3% of internet users access the internet using a mobile phone?! There are approximately 4.32 billion active mobile internet users. Mind blowing


Want more? We are currently brewing up a free Website planner to help business like yours get more organised when it comes to building their own website. It will take you through the same process we use when building our clients’ sites.

Email us to reserve your spot and grab a copy.

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