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Our Sustainable Gift Guide 2023

Our Sustainable Gift Guide 2023

Gifting is such a wonderful way to show the people you love just how much you care about them, the spirit of Christmas can be a beautiful thing to show our kids the value of thinking of others. 

Sustainability lies at the heart of what we do here at The Design Order TDO and we’d love to share with you our Gifting guide for this festive season, to possibly expand the way that you purchase this year. 

Before getting sucked into the incredibly intoxicating advertising whirlpool you will be exposed to that lies just at the tip of your fingers, it’s worth a minute to stop & ask yourself,

“do I need to buy a physical present for this person or perhaps give them an alternative”

If you do want to purchase them a tangible gift can you buy them something that is easy to recycle, or made from recycled materials, plastic free or completely compostable? Each little part helps to reduce our carbon footprint and will make a difference in the long run. 

This step in itself is a huge game changer as you give yourself a chance to think of something more creative than a candle. Good old Aunty Ro might appreciate some homemade coconut ice, a special bottle of champagne or a trip to see the ballet, something that you can share together.  Being able to model this thinking for our kids will be a game changer, as we try to pave a way for us to think of our planet when we give.

Here are our top picks for 2023:


Experience ideas

A great way to show someone that you not only care about them but know what they’re into is a voucher for somewhere try to pick either somewhere you know they’ve tried and loved or something new that they’ve mentioned they are keen on. To keep it green keep it close to home to minimise your carbon impact: the local beautician, massage parlour or nail salon are always good places to start. If your loved one isn’t able to get out & about as easily; a meal subscription is also a great idea. These Sydney spots offer unique activities that will make special memories:

1) SYDNEY OPERA HOUSE> This iconic Aussie landmark offer performances of all kind

2) Picnic at the Botanic Gardens>  Always a perfect spot for a picnic without the hassle of packing it yourself!

3) Cocktail & dumpling class>  Need we say more?

4) Little Lane Workshops>   The variety of workshops that this creative little hub in Mona Vale is astounding, something for everyone (even the kiddies)

3) Hotel gift voucher>  For something a bit lux


Handmade ideas

These options totally sprinkle that magic dust over your loved ones and yes, we know it’s a busy time of year but really it doesn’t need to be extravagant at all – it means so much when someone knows you’ve put some energy into it


1)  Rocky road recipe>

2) Bath Bomb>

4) Succulent planter>

There are more great ideas here:

Good Housekeeping – All our favourite homemade edible Christmas Gifts for 2023 >

Better Homes and Gardens – 32 Homemade Food gifts that are way more meaningful than store bought >


Eco-conscious online stores

If you do indeed need to purchase a physical gift for Uncle Bob- perhaps give some thought: how & where has it been made? will it break down or not? Shopping local cuts down on our carbon footprint whilst online can also be a great alternative. These are our fav Aussie online shops that have curated some awesome gift guides just for you:


Eco Green Living>



Wrapping like a pro

There’s also some nifty & inventive ways to go green when wrapping your gifts too! We’re big fans of:

  • Using leftover fabrics, newspapers, posters or tissue paper you have around the house to wrap presents 
  • Not using sticky tape but string or twine to wrap your gifts
  • Reusing old Christmas cards, paper or cardboard to make cute gift tags 
  • of course sending things digitally, so there’s a very small footprint left at all


Wishing you all a very Merry Festive season and hope that you get to stuff your face with some delicious food!!


Jen & Zöe


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