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Flodesk: Your New Favourite CRM Platform

Flodesk: Your New Favourite CRM Platform

It wasn’t so long ago that we amongst the masses, were pulling our hair out trying to write engaging emails on Mailchimp whilst trying to navigate their abysmal platform! Well, say goodbye to that frustration because Flodesk has come to the rescue, making the whole email marketing thing not just doable but actually enjoyable.


Here’s the reasons why we think you should jump on this awesome platform:


Gorgeous & Diverse Templates


Sitting in the place between having a good amount of templates to choose from & not too many designs  They’re not just easy on the eyes but also ridiculously simple to customise. Whether you’re a design whiz or a total newbie, Flodesk’s templates make crafting eye-catching emails a walk in the park.

Design Focused


Who doesn’t love a platform that’s design-friendly? Flodesk gets the importance of looking good while getting your message across. With a great variety of layout options, fonts that are unique but still professional, and the ability to throw in your own brand fonts you’re set up with a game changing head start 

Easy Peasy Workflows


Time is precious, especially when you’ve got a million things on your plate. Setting up workflows and email sequences is as quick and easy as making your favorite sandwich. Whether you’re nurturing leads or launching the next big thing, the options are there for you to use 

No-Nonsense Pricing


Say goodbye to surprises when the bill comes around, Flodesk keeps it simple with a flat-rate monthly payment. No need to stress about your audience size – just a straightforward, budget-friendly deal. Finally, an email marketing platform that won’t give you financial whiplash as your followers multiply.

User friendly Analytics


As small business owners this component is super important for us to check how our content is being consumed, FlodDesk have nailed the layout of the numbers for you including: Engagement, Open rates & click-through rates . Make sure to check this data regularly to review how and what your audience is responding to.

Pro-Level Results for Everyone


Whether you’re a one-person show or part of a bigger team, Flodesk gives you that professional edge. The user-friendly setup and killer features mean you can compete with the big guns without breaking a sweat.


So, if dealing with other email platforms has been a real headache, it’s time to welcome Flodesk into your life. Creating stunning emails that actually work shouldn’t be a chore, and Flodesk is here to prove it. Say hello to a platform that not only gets the job done but makes the whole process smooth & hassle free.

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