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The online world is frantic and busy, and most modern consumers will only engage with a strong visual brand.

Your visual brand is the thing that ignites a spark, attracts your dream client and creates that one-of-a-kind brand experience.


It’s what you stand for and it’s one of the reasons why they’ll choose you over someone else.

We’re here to help you make your customer feel ah-mazing and it’s important to get it right at the start.

Brands we’ve build before

Our Process

A new brand is the start of a thrilling journey for you and your customer.

Your brand is so much bigger than your logo. It’s the bigger picture.
It is the entire sensory experience and ‘world’ they walk into when they come into contact with your brand.


At The Design Order, we get branding. We understand the bigger picture. Here’s what an amazing adventure with us looks like:

We do the research.

Before we put a pen to paper, we dial in and do all the nitty gritty research that will give your brand the edge. We find out all about who is buying your product or service, what they really want from you, what makes them tick, what their niggly pain points are, what your zone of genius is and how you can solve their problem. This helps us design a brand and website that feels good AND entices them to buy.

We think about your position.

We create logos, websites and brands that make your ideal customer swoon AND position you as the expert in your industry (presenting you as the only real choice). Positioning is top of mind when we sit down to map out an awesome user experience. Hello savvy strategy – come and take a seat.

We design it all up with style, strategy and panache.

A picture can tell a thousand words and your visuals should do exactly that. We adore beautiful fonts and imagery, but we don’t just make things look pretty. We design everything with your end consumer in mind at every touch point. Our designs are where pretty meets persuasive. It’s where connection and conversion are the ultimate aim of the game.

We print it and post it and make it look pretty.

Because we have years of print production experience, we’ve got the art of beautiful business cards down pat. We go from online to offline seamlessly with a host of lovely eco-friendly paper and products to wow your clients.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Our Pricing

We all love clarity so let’s be upfront about pricing.

Here’s a basic outline of our costings before we connect for a chat.

Visual Brand Packages start at $6, 500


At the end of our time together, you will have in your hot little hands:

  • A full logo suite + any other branding items created through the process (which may include brand stamps, wallpapers, visual design elements)
  • The design of x 2 items as part of your package to help you launch your brand. This could include items such as: newsletter email design, email signature design, business cards, social media template design and instagram feed art direction, lead magnet design for your website, proposal template, presentation template or another pre-agreed item.
  • A style guide outlining how to display your new brand across all needed places. Includes logo usage guidelines, typography (font selection and use), your colours, imagery style and any assets created for your new brand.

Brand + Content Packages start at $10, 000


Let’s build a brand that is unmistakeably you. Let’s craft content and put more bums on seats than a Beyoncé world tour.

With this juicy package, you’ll get all of the above design work PLUS clear, compelling copy that sends your tribe into a frenzy and makes them hit ‘purchase’ every time.


It includes:

  • Visual Brand Package
  • The production of an irresistible, heart-grabbing brand
    voice and language style for you to use across all of your
    marketing platforms (website, social media, etc)
  • Develop key marketing messages to help sell your
    services or products to your ideal target market.

+ social media banners ___+ packaging design ___+ extra stationery items
+ marketing materials ___+ website creation (yes, we can help with design, strategy and the entire build)

Our latest and greatest


A new sophisticated brand and website for an executive recruitment company.

Our latest and greatest

TM Solicitor

New brand and website for Small Business Law Specialist Tracey Mylecharane.

Our latest and greatest


New website for talented Northern Beaches interior designer – Donna Allen.

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