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If you’ve got a question here is the place to look for answers!


Nope, not a bit!

Whether you have a hundred ideas or none at all, we still want this to be a collaborative approach. We’re here to hold your hand whenever you need and one of our talents is extracting those ideas you didn’t realise you had!

If there’s anything you don’t understand or something needs further clarification, let’s have a chat.

Of course you can!

Just be aware, when you remove items from the scope of our work, it may impact our ability to work together. Our years of experience have led to really strong processes, ensuring only the BEST end product. When you ask us to leave things out here and there, it may affect your project.

But, please do ask! We’ll be able to honestly tell you what will and won’t have an impact and we want you to be happy with the process.

In a nutshell we offer:
• Branding Creation and Design;
• Art Direction;
• Packaging Design;
• Graphic Design (marketing materials, workbooks, annual reports, stationery);
• Website Design and Development.

Plus, direct contact with the actual person elbow-deep managing your project.

Check out Our Services > page for more information.

For Design Projects:

Step 1 – After initial payment we’ll get together for an intensive workshop where we’ll extract all that juicy information you didn’t even realise you had.
To be prepared for this workshop, we ask that you create a visual moodboard on Pinterest of all those images saved in your head for us to translate into your new project.

Step 2 – We crack on!

Step 3 – After a couple of weeks immersed in your project, we’ll deliver initial concepts for your review.

Step 4 – You choose the concept you think best nails your brief. Decide which one is in closest alignment for your target audience and business plan while providing any feedback to tweak for perfection.

Two rounds of changes are included at this stage, ensuring you can refine it ‘til you love it.

Step 5 – You sign off on the final concepts and settle the final package payment.

Step 6 – We supply you with all the files you need for world domination.  

For Web Design process please see “WEBSITES” section below.

How long do you want it to take?!

In all seriousness, the design process often takes a little time but it’s helped a lot when we receive fast cohesive feedback can maintain great communication with you throughout. Our favourite clients are those who like adhering to timelines and are super onto it when organising their brief, content and imagery.


A standard branding job normally takes around 3-6 weeks to finalise.


A standard design job normally takes between 2-4 weeks, depending on its size.


A standard website design and built takes between 8-16 weeks, depending on functionality requirements and content creation.

If you’re in a rush, get in touch with us for more information, availability and a quote.

Read all about The Design Order on our about page >

We sure do!

Shoot us an email or book in a chat with Zoe here >

We can talk through your needs and come up with a proposal.

Please find out more about our pricing here >


Rather than pay for all our services up-front, we break them down into two payments for Design Services and three payments for Web Services.
Here’s the DL:

Branding, Packaging + Design Projects:

Payment 1: 50% deposit for work to commence.
Payment 2: 50% remainder – paid once the project is finalised.
Upon receipt of Payment 2, we release your final files.

Web design + development:

Payment 1: 50% deposit for work to commence.
Payment 2: 25% process payment – paid once the design is finalised.
Upon receipt of Payment 2, we send your files for development.
Payment 3: 25% remainder – paid once the site build is finalised.
Upon receipt of Payment 3, we load your site.

Branding + Design

Your brand is the whole picture. 


It’s the entire sensory experience and ‘world’ your customers walk into when they come into contact with your business.

Branding is so much bigger than just a logo. It’s the connection, from your visuals and your content right down to the relationship developed when your staff answers the phone or the feeling someone gets when they walk into your store.

Your brand is your unique identifier; it sets you apart from every other business. Not only do you have to have a brand, it needs to be an awesome one that distinguishes you from all the rest.

Colour psychology is the study of how colour influences people’s feelings and in turn, their behaviour.

Depending on where you are in the world, colours will represent a variety of things. They bring different energy to what we see and even how we process information.

Colour not only influences how you feel but, if used correctly, colour can stimulate subconscious responses in your body to make you feel hungry, to feel trust or to inspire impulse purchases.

For us, colour is a key consideration in your project and we use it to evoke all the emotions.

Imagery drives beautiful design. Therefore, low-quality imagery = a low-quality end-result.

Where possible we absolutely recommend organising a professional photo shoot for 100% original imagery. But, we get it! We know that most small businesses don’t always have the budget to do this.

Built into all of our projects is budget for sourcing imagery as needed. Otherwise, we have good knowledge of where to find awesome free imagery for our projects.

In fact! We’ve written a blog about our favourite places to get the best images. Check it out here>

Unsplash is a particular fave of ours and we’ve curated a whole heap of their best stuff for you to browse through and be inspired by here >

Over the years we’ve worked with many different photographers and have compiled THE LIST.


Depending on what style and type you’re after, we’ll recommend only the most talented people behind the lens who’ll best capture your brand.

Incorporated into your costs are the sourcing of images and we certainly take your budget into account. See “Good Images” question x2 above for more information.

Copy isn’t one of our main services but we’ve got a network of people for whom it is. Just ask and we’ll connect you with the one who best aligns with your needs.


For Web Design projects:

Step 1

After initial payment we’ll get together for an intensive workshop where we’ll extract all that juicy information you didn’t even realise you had.
To be prepared for this workshop, we ask that you create a visual moodboard of all those images saved in your head for us to translate into your new project.
We’ll also ask you about your:
• target market
• why you need a website
• who’ll be using your site
• what information your customers need to find on your site

By the end of this meeting we’ll finalise your website’s sitemap.

Step 2 

We wireframe your site, creating basic page layouts for your key pages.
This is where we get all strategic; we’ll formulate your user’s journey and use that to plan the structure of each of your site’s pages.

Step 3

Now that the wireframes are complete we can apply the design.
We create two individual design concepts of your home page, using the wireframe as our guide.

Step 4 

You supply us with your content and any required imagery for the main pages of the site.

Step 5

You choose the concept you think best nails your brief.

Decide which of the two concepts are in closest alignment with the needs of your target audience while giving us any feedback you have to really perfect the concept.

Step 6 

You confirm your design.
We’ll roll your new design out to the other pages, carrying that same look and feel across your whole site.

Two rounds of changes are included at this stage, ensuring we get the page designs 100% right for your target audience.

Step 7 

You sign off on the design, we send the designs to our developers.

To kick off the site build, we’ll need the 25% progress payment at this point.

Step 8 

We create the site for you and will give you a link for thorough site testing.

Two rounds of changes are included at this stage for tweaking content and imagery.

Step 9

You sign off on the site!
Once you’ve paid the remaining 25% you can pop the champagne while we load your new website.

Step 10

We’ll contact you to lock in a training date and hand over the reins (ie. show you how to update your pages and answer any questions you may have.)

Sure, no problems!

I’m a designer who actually understands how web dev works and have worked with many different developers over the years. It’s worth noting that we use Adobe XD for our site design so, please make sure your devs are comfortable working with these files. We do NOT create web files in photoshop. 

Also, while we’re totally happy to work with your chosen team, it does mean we can’t oversee the quality of the final site build. Any responsibility for this would need to be with your developers.

Finally, we can also work with your developers to art direct the final site development. To find out more about this service, please enquire for a quote.

There are two things we will need from you to create your website:
• your DNS and;
• your hosting details.

Your Domain Name Server (DNS) is your domain name or URL. Think of it as your website’s street address.

For example, our URL is: https://thedesignorder.com.au

If you purchased your domain name you would have created an account to do so. We’ll need access to your username and password for this account in order to push your site live.

Your hosting is the server space you purchase to house your site’s files. Think of this as the combination of your house and utilities. Your hosting will make sure everything on your site has a place and that your site has energy to run smoothly.

We have a preferred hosting service that we’re more than happy to give you the details of.


These guys also offer ongoing maintenance and security services, ensuring your site is always running like clockwork.

Most definitely!

The final step in our Website Design package is handing over the reins to your site. We’ll give you access to your site’s Content Management System (CMS) and schedule training to show you how to edit your own pages.

Plus, WordPress and Shopify both have awesome support resources available online for you to extend your learning and become an expert.

If, however, you’re wanting to make any design changes, we do recommend coming back to us (or using a qualified web developer).

Please note: after approval and launch of the site, we do not offer free support to resolve issues caused by any updates made by you.

Our websites are made in WordPress or Shopify for EComm.

Why? We happen to think these platforms are the best!

Absolutely! And tablets too.

With every project we complete thorough testing across a number of different devices to ensure optimal viewing on each of them.

We can install this for you if you provide us with this information.

Is the Pope Catholic? Of course we can! If you have one, we can install it for you.

Have we missed something?

We couldn’t possibly have! However, if somehow we did, please get in touch at hello@thedesignorder.com.au and we will try to get back to you as quickly as possible.

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