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The Art of Storytelling – using your brand to capture your customers

The Art of Storytelling – using your brand to capture your customers

We all know that one person.

You know the one we mean. They’re positioned comfortably at the centre of the room, holding their audience in the palm of their hand. Faces surrounding them are lit up with rapture and bodies lean in, eagerly awaiting every word. They’re the kind of person who can make popping to the shops for milk the most hilarious and riveting tale.

And your brand. Your business brand needs to be that one person.

Gone are the days where customers will sit politely as you regurgitate product proof points in a dry, monotone manner. And to be honest, although customers may have previously tolerated that drivel, none of the information stuck. It makes us wonder why anyone even bothered!

See, the thing about that person. They draw others towards them. Anyone who has spent time with that person, feels like they know them. Like they understand them and like they have something in common. People believe in them because they’re authentic.

This is why your brand needs to be that one person. And, here’s how you can enticingly share your brand story:

Get a personality!
When you reflect on the person who can hold a room, they’ve usually got a little *something*, right? And your brand needs it too.

Get inside your business brand and really get to know it. It’s got a name, so it’s time to shape its personality. Work out what makes it tick and what makes it sparkle, then share this with your audience. All the little bits that make up you, you are the same things which personifies your business. Think about: tone of voice, colours, imagery…basically, ALL the things.

The more you can draw your audience in with the personality of your business branding, the stronger it will make their connection.

Keep it simple.

In contrast to the person who can hold a room, there’s always that one person who…can’t. Their stories contain unnecessary details and go off on tangents which even the storyteller doesn’t know the destination of.

Although the story of how you came up with your business name on the afternoon of January 8th, while bushwalking through the most incredible scenery, may be interesting to you. To everyone else, it’s not.

To keep your audience in the palm of your hand, keep it simple. Every time you talk to your customers online, remember to stick to the basic formula of: problem, solution, success. In doing so, you’re able to talk about your business, while ensuring your customer is at the centre of your story.

Focus on your why.

Never forget what kicked off your business journey. And, ensure this is incorporated into all your business branding and communication.
Put simply, your why is their reason to connect with you.

Way back at the very beginning, your business was created to fulfill a need. If you lose sight of this along the way, you’ll lose that connection with your customers. Find ways to remind your audience why you do what you do, because it’s the same reason they’re on the journey with you.

To be a creative and engaging storyteller, you don’t have to be the most confident or gregarious person in the room. However, you do need to know what you’re talking about, which is where you have the upper hand. Because, let’s face it. No one knows your business better than you.

Whether you’re sharing images, guiding them with your words, or seamlessly intertwining the two, it’s all about being true to your business branding.Which, as clever designers, is where we come in!

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