What’s inside, why our web packages are the best! - The Design Order

What’s inside, why our web packages are the best!

What’s inside, why our web packages are the best!

Now hear us out…we know we may be a little biased, however our web packages really do pack a punch above the rest.

When you’re trusting someone to create the face of your business, you want it to be original, right? You want to stand out from the rest and truly encompass your brand.

Plus, you also want it to be a seamless process, not an extra headache just to get the job done. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

This is why we’re so confident in our ability to provide the absolute goods! We’re also not one for corny little sales gimmicks, they give us the ickkkkkkk, big time!

Here’s a few reasons why we stand behind our web packages:

  • We prep first, before we start to design
    We wireframe our sites before we begin, to make sure the structure and UX journey packs a punch.


  • We make sure your visuals are on track
    With our branding knowledge in hand we thoroughly deep dive into your visuals to ensure they resonate 100% with your target market. We make necessary updates where needed so that your new website design attracts the right people.


  • We are well connected
    Need a copywriter, SEO expert or photographer to help? We got you!Yep, we can introduce you to the perfect one that will align with your needs, budget and brand voice.


  • We don’t use templates
    You can rest assured your website will be one of a kind! We design all of our sites FROM scratch to ensure your business looks one of a kind on the web. We do not churn and burn out a template.After all, you’re unique and we need to show your audience just that!


  • We only use the best developers
    We don’t cut corners when it comes to development. We have spent hours making sure our designs are just right so close enough is not good enough in our books. Our devs always make sure the coding matches the designs 100%.


  • Need other items to match your site?
    Have a lead magnet that needs designing? Yep, we can do that for you too. We also have VIP design days on offer as an affordable and fast service to update any other marketing materials you might have.


  • We thoroughly test across all devices
    Testing, testing, testing! We thoroughly test the website across all devices and platforms to ensure that it reads beautifully no matter where you are looking at it.


  • We are here right until the end.
    No, we certainly won’t ghost you.Post launch we then educate you about HOW to use and update the site (if you want to be in full control) with a comprehensive 1:1 lesson which we record for you for future reference. If your site is on wordpress we also install a back-end visual editor for you to make sure you have the ability to add in new pages yourself like a breeze.


So there you have it. Hopefully you now know what to expect and what to look for when shopping around. You can read a little more about our web packages here.

We keep you updated with every step along the way and each stage you will sign off on, so we can really perfect your vision.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch here if you have any questions at all! Let’s make an impact!


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