The best way to stay in touch with friends and family over Christmas! - The Design Order

The best way to stay in touch with friends and family over Christmas!

The best way to stay in touch with friends and family over Christmas!

Ahh, almost the start of December! WHEN did that happen! The preparation for Christmas has well and truly began for a lot of people.

To help you tick one thing off your list, we thought we would run through some of our favourite platforms which can help you create and send tasteful Christmas cards!



Are you like me? I’m a bit of a lone wolf in my country with pretty much my entire family overseas. At Christmas I try to make an effort to stay in touch by sending them a Christmas Card every year along with an update on what’s been going on in my life.

Nowadays to be environmentally friendly (and because let’s face it, I am normally totally disorganised prior to Christmas and never make the mailing deadlines), I normally send them a digital card that I often whip up in… yep you guessed it – Canva. Shockkk!

While I tend to make my own designs, Canva have a stack of brilliant templates you can use that you can either print or do what I do – save as a JPEG to attach to an email. This year if you want to be really clever you can now also save your design as a presentation and add animation to the cards to make them really exciting! A little personalised surprise to hit their inbox – it’s totally up to you.

Anyway, Canva aside, see below a list of some of our favourite places to shop so that you can create a bit of Christmas cheer for family and friends, either the ones close by or abroad.


The Digital Kind:

Image Copyright Canva


Canva – You saw this one coming! Who would we be if we didn’t recommend Canva! If you type in “Christmas Card” into the search bar at the top of Canva you will be greeted with a tonne of options. You can get these printed through Canva (I’ve never tried this) OR you can download and get printed elsewhere (or at home). Alternatively you can choose to make a digital link which you can then animate as needed. As always the editing options are endless!


Image copyright Paperless Post


Paperless Post – This site has super classy designs to choose from and while it is a paid service (you pay per card), it is very reasonable and much cheaper than purchasing a printed card and sending through the snail mail. Plus, all the time spent writing out everyone’s Christmas Cards.


Image copyright Jib Jab


Jib JabGuaranteed to bring a giggle to your overseas family members Jib Jab is a program that allows you to upload photographs of your family members heads and overlays them over the top of silly animated situations with music too. This one is a bit of fun!


Image copyright Blue Mountain


Blue Mountain – Again if you want something that is a little more on the fun side, these guys have a tonne of digital templates that are slightly animated to bring a smile and a bit of cheer. 

Image copyright Greenvelope


Greenvelope – This site has some great options! You can pick from loads of available templates or upload your own design! This is a paid digital service however they have a great green ethos behind what they do! They have partnerships with the National Forest Foundation, Mountains to Sound, the National Park Foundation, and 1% for the Planet. Send of your cards or invitations for any occasion knowing you’re also making a small difference by choosing their business – if this is your jam! A win – win!


Printed Christmas Cards

Our list below here has been created for desk dwellers who want to order something online. If you are looking for truly special printed cards with stand out designs, I would recommend visiting markets and small stationery stores like Pulp Creative Paper where you will get one-of-a-kind handmade cards designed by artists and illustrators.


Conscious Christmas Cards

The earth friendly kind

Image copyright Biome


Biome – has a lovely selection of 100% recycled card stock, plastic free cards and present tags to choose from.


Image copyright Nurturing Nature Cards


Nurturing Nature Cards – have an epic collection of 100% plantable cards. Meaning the cards don’t have to be thrown into a deep dark cupboard (or in the bin), they can be planted and will then grow into flowers as the cards have seeds.


The ethical kind

Image copyright Oxfam


Oxfam – funny Christmas cards that also make a difference and help give back to those in need.


The fancy card

Image copyright Bespoke Letter Press


Bespoke letter press – have some delicious cards if you are looking to liven up Christmas with some beautifully designed cards. Buy a boxed set to keep costs low. P.s for the stationery lovers these guys have lots of other LOVELY Christmas items as well.


Cards you can Personalise

Image copyright Moo Print


Moo Print – have a tonne of lovely card designs ready to easily personalise on their website OR you can upload your own complete design.


Image copyright No Issue


No Issue – 100% recycled cards for the eco conscious – upload your own design (you can make these in Canva).

So there you go! Hopefully this gives you heaps of options for sending off Christmas cards over the holiday season – whatever you flavour may be!

Have we missed anywhere you buy your cards from that you know and love? Let us know, we’d love to hear of any more!

Consider another job ticked off your to-do list (we all know how long they’re looking at the moment!). We hope this helps!



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