Brands that stand out, stand for something

Brands that stand out, stand for something


I don’t know about you, but when I think about the people who have left a significant impact on my life, the consistent thread which connects each of them is their clear, unwavering purpose. For me, there’s not much more appealing than someone who is unapologetically passionate and purposeful.


The same is true for brands. You’ll no doubt have noticed that when I talk about the brands who pique my interest and inspire my creativity, they all have an admirable purpose and, each decision they make ensures they remain true to it. In these modern times of emerging social consciousness and an awareness of our need for change, it’s this powerful brand identity that helps these businesses stand out from the rest. Let’s break down a few of my personal faves.


Patagonia – when your mission reads: We’re in business to save our home planet. You better believe I’m paying attention! This is a company that sells outdoor gear including clothing, packs and provisions. They believe that the climate crisis has reached a critical tipping point and they’re damn well doing something about it! With a portion of their sales going to environmental groups and ensuring careful consideration of the materials they use in their products, as well as a program to recycle their clothing, Patagonia is committed to protecting the world their customers love to explore. Their commitment to the environment is directly aligned with their brand personality and their target market and it sets them apart from their competition.


Who Gives a Crap – I know you guys all know how much I LOVE this company but honestly, how can you talk about awesome business branding that stands for something and NOT make mention of Who Gives a Crap?! Now, pandemic/toilet paper panic aside, who really would have thought that a company that sells toilet paper would generate so much interest and become a household name? The brilliance of this business branding is in its simplicity. They sell toilet paper and they donate 50% of their profits to build toilets in the developing world and it’s this admirable cause which clearly differentiates this socially-minded company from everyone else in the market.


Hey Tiger – if you’re yet to taste this incredible, handmade chocolate, I implore you to do so!! Not only are the flavours innovative and mouth-wateringly tempting (I mean, caramel and white chocolate, gingerbread crumb for Christmas?!) and their packet designs beautifully eye-catching, this Australian biz is motivated by an intention to fix a broken cocoa industry. Hey Tiger has strict criteria which cocoa suppliers must meet, in order for their products to be used in the creation of these chocolates. A portion of their sales (which are also matched by The Impact Fund) are donated to The Hunger Project Ghana which contributes to everything from education, to women in farming, to micro-loans, and beyond. Now, I don’t know about you but that kind of business set-up definitely makes my chocolate addiction guilt-free!


Seed & Sprout – created by a clever and resourceful Mum struggling to find good quality, reusable lunch containers for her son, this environmentally-conscious biz is a game-changer. Not only do they provide plastic-free, sustainable products, but their headquarters are also powered by solar panels and all their packaging is recyclable, making them the obvious choice for 2020’s Green Online Retailer of the Year. As a Mum myself, I do know there are A LOT of choices out there for lunchboxes and products around the home. However, none of them provide the level of environmental awareness and sustainability offered by this wonderful business. To me, that’s why Seed & Sprout are a clear stand out in their market.


Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been at it for a while, contemplating your mission, vision and values as part of your business branding is something which is critical to establishing your position in your industry. If this is a task which feels daunting and overwhelming, have I got the resource for you!?


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