What is your scrappy branding costing your business?

What is your scrappy branding costing your business?

As a business owner, particularly when you’re starting out, you’re juggling many, many balls and often your head is barely kept above water. For this reason, all your business requirements end up being created at different times and pulled together if, and when, you have the time.

A prime example of this is business branding. It could be that you need a business proposal one day, so that’s the thing you focus on. However the next day, you realise you have an invoice which must be sent so you quickly whip one of those up. Before you know it, you have a host of collateral which, apart from sharing your logo and a similar font, aren’t particularly cohesive.

Although you have what you need to keep your business running and your clients reasonably happy, I’m sorry to say that it’s not sending a great message. That scrappy, hastily pulled-together branding is telling your clients something, and it’s not a good something.


Here’s what they’re actually hearing:


Our service is scrappy – remember that wonderful Maya Angelou saying, “if someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time”? Your potential clients will form a very quick, first impression of you and, if it’s haphazard and inconsistent, they will equate that to your business as a whole.


We’re not a viable business – it’s true that we all must start somewhere, and many people are tolerant of this. However, there are a whole other bunch of people who are not. Scrappy branding will imply you are new and inexperienced, and this will cause potential clients to second-guess whether they want to invest in you.


We’re unprofessional – a well-crafted brand image articulates to your clients that you are ready to do business. Scrappy branding, on the other hand, makes it seem that you don’t really care about your image and, in turn, you don’t really care about what you do.


We don’t know who we are – a critical part of business branding is the way it tells your audience who you are. Cleverly crafted branding will communicate what you do, how you do it and what you believe in. If this hasn’t been created cohesively, the message is that you don’t know these things yourself.


What we sell is not premium – good branding is often dismissed as a costly expense, and something which a business needs to build up to. The thing with that is, if you have invested in branding for your business, you’re telling your audience you are well established enough to have made said investment and thus, you are at the top of your market.


In your everyday life, miscommunication and misunderstanding is incredibly frustrating and best to be avoided. When it comes to your business, the incorrect message being sent by your scrappy branding is costing you clients.

Before you get too disheartened, have I got some great news for you!! I have combined my experience as a business owner with my knowledge of excellent design by creating the ultimate small business resource, especially for you and your biz.

No longer will you have to piece together different styles of templates, labouring over ways to create a cohesive look and feel. For you, we have created a whole suite of elements, in a range of different styles, so that you can get everything you need in one, single purchase.

Our design templates will include items such as:

  • Business cards;
  • Letterheads;
  • Invoice templates;
  • PowerPoint slides;
  • Proposal templates;
  • Social media templates;
  • And more!


These have all been designed to work cohesively together, to proudly represent your brand and pique the interest of your dream clients. All you need to do is choose the look and feel which best fits your brand and purchase the elements from that suite which will form your brand collateral.

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