Why your brand is so much more than your logo

Why your brand is so much more than your logo

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It’s a common assumption for people to equate brand with logo. While I’d agree your logo is pretty darn important, your logo simply is not your brand.

Your brand is so much bigger than just your logo.

Your logo is a personalised stamp, it’s your unique mark which is made up of your businesses name and possibly a graphical element. Always the same, it is the thing that identifies your business and is one of unifying elements that make up part of your brand.


The bigger picture… Your branding


Your branding is your philosophy. It is who you are and is the unique experience that cannot be found anywhere else.

Branding is like the thread which holds your business together. It’s in every thing your customer touches, every message they get and every transaction they make. It’s the sum of each experience your customer will have with you.

For me, a really good example of this is Tiffany and Co.

Sure, they have their gorgeously timeless logo but, I think it’s fair to say, it’s not their logo which comes to mind when you think of Tiffany and Co.

If you want to buy your loved one something special, every man knows you cant go wrong with a gift for your girl from Tiffany’s. And why do we love it? It’s because their brand makes every girl feel special.

They not only sell affordable “luxury jewellery” they sell the dream come true, the perfect gift that every girl would wear with pride. They make the men that buy the gift feel like a hero and the women feel like a princess. They have the whole customer experience completely down pat from the minute you are greeted as you walk into their beautiful store, to when you sit down later to open your immaculately wrapped aqua gift box. Through their brand they have beautifully fused timeless beauty, with a seamless experience. One that makes people want to buy into from their name alone.


How to build an awesome brand.


When your customers are trying to get to know you, they want to feel like they’re a part of the conversation. They want to know that they align with what you stand for and this is something they can figure out through your branding.

  1. Start by being really clear about why you’re in business. What is your philosophy and what do you stand for? Consider why your business exists and understand who it is you’re helping and what problems you solve for them.
  2. Once you know who your audience is, take a step back and have a good long, critical look at your business as a whole. Think about the benefits you’re offering your audience and develop a strategy for how you’ll connect with them, know what will give them the best possible experience when they work with your brand.
  3. Next, develop a strong visual style with messaging that compliments it. Together they’ll communicate your unique brand proposition. Your visuals are the thing that ignites a spark, attracts your dream client and creates that one-of-a-kind brand experience.So yes, you will need to develop that logo BUT, you’ll also need a brand guide which dictates how your logo is used, your fonts, colours and imagery. Your brand guide will give your brand a consistent look and feel, ensuring each and every customer touch point is in alignment.


Brands that do it well.


Corona – you see Corona and you think summer. You think of sun, relaxing and holidays and you instantly connect their beer with fun and having a good time.

Patagonia – people associate this brand with adventure. You know when you see Patagonia, you’re getting lost in nature and being environmentally responsible while you do it.

Harley Davidson – these guys don’t just sell motorbikes – they sell freedom. The open road, adventure and power – all promised in the name alone when you purchased one of their bikes.

These brands have nailed it by creating an emotional connection with their audience through great branding, cleverly dictating how they’re viewed by society.


The dos & don’ts of effective branding.



  • spend time understanding your target market on an emotional level. Create buyer personas and get deep into the type of client you’re trying to attract. What drives their behaviour and what will they get out of interacting with your brand?
  • be consistently consistent! Ensure every single touchpoint aligns with your brand.
  • refresh and reinvigorate your brand. Continuously invest in further brand development, ensuring your brand is fresh and at the forefront of your audience’s minds.



  • skimp on the investment. You may save money initially but unfortunately, in the world of branding, cheap will invariably be a letdown.
  • let your brand get stagnant. Things change far too quickly for you to be able to let your brand sit still for too long. To ensure you’re up to date, we suggest checking in on your entire brand at the beginning of every year.


And, there you have it! Branding is that super important part of your business that your customers will see, touch and feel whenever they come into contact with you.
If you’d like to chat with someone in-the-know about all things branding, plus so much more, please hit me up.



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