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Straight Up Bookkeeping

A bookkeeper focused on sustainability? You probably haven’t heard of it before.

Female founded and owned, they believe in using their for-profit business as a force of good, to help free purpose led, ethical entrepreneurs from financial stress while consciously fulfilling social and environmental responsibilities.

As their name suggests being ‘straight up’ in the world of accounting is one of many things that sets Straight Up Bookkeeping apart from the pack. The core values for this small business are strong – they strive to be dependable, to make it easy for their clients to understand, create streamlined systems with a sustainabiliity focus at the forefront of everything that they do.

Our design method was to highlight Straight Up Bookeeping’s committment to sustainability by incorporating an earthy colour pallette with elements of nature featuring promenlty in all the imagery. We selected calming hues ranging from a burnt sienna to desaturated blues and greens for a relaxed and earthy feel. Repetitive sequences of geometric shapes were incorporated as brand elements to aide visual interest whilst weaving a subtle ode to the brands use of mathematics and well structured systems driving their everyday functions.

We landed on a classic modern logo, that captures the essence of the female lead business, whilst the strong & weighty brand stamp balances the brands dependable quality of their service. Overall the brand now represents the core values clearly & harmoniously, and helps to cement their position as a true leader in their field.



Brand Creation
Website Design
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Photography: Snappy Street
Words: Susan Reoch Copywriter

I engaged The Design Order to redesign and build my logo, branding and website and I couldn’t be happier with the results.

Zoe is incredible at what she does and I LOVED working with her and the team. Zoe completely understood my brief (even when at times I had trouble communicating every aspect of it) and I was able to sign off on and make decisions super quickly as a result. The team kept me updated along the way and costs and timelines were transparent. I now see Zoe and her team as an extension of my team.


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