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8 things you should be doing with your client proposals

8 things you should be doing with your client proposals

You’re in!! You’ve connected with that client that you’ve been dreeeeaming of working with. This is your one shot at showing them how perfect you are for them and how you’re totally going to nail their project. Before you send off your go-to client proposal, take a moment to ensure it includes these essential elements. Each proposal should not only reflect your business’s branding but also be tailored to resonate with the client.

Here are the key components you must include to make your proposal stand out and align perfectly with your client’s needs:


Be Super Clear with Your Scope and Limit Options

Having too many options can overwhelm your clients, leading to indecisiveness and confusion. Make it easier for them by providing no more than a few carefully selected solutions. Clearly define the scope of your proposal and specify what is included and what is not. While it’s tempting to showcase the full range of your capabilities, it’s crucial to lead the process. Demonstrate your expertise by narrowing down their choices to the ones that best meet their needs. This focused approach not only clarifies expectations but also instils confidence in your recommendations.


Personalise your template for them

Show your commitment by tailoring the proposal specifically for the client and their project. Include their name, and where appropriate, add a cover letter that addresses their unique needs and industry. This personal touch demonstrates your enthusiasm and attention to detail. Ensure accuracy by double-checking the spelling of their name and business name. Personalisation not only highlights your dedication but also sets a positive tone for your potential partnership.


Ensure you include previous evidence of your success

It’s like when you’re on a road trip and you’ve just hit the Middle of Nowhere Bakery who have a sign out the front of their shop claiming to make the best pies in Australia. As a service provider, you can pretty much say anything you like but, to ensure it’s not interpreted as just some outlandish claim, always provide evidence. Include case studies and testimonials to support your proposal and get your potential clients excited to work with you.


Clearly explain your process

Yes, you can promise all kinds of things and give awesome examples of what their final product will look like. However, unless you outline how you will achieve their end goal, there’s no way for them to know exactly what it is they’re signing up for.


Introduce your team

As I mentioned before, this is your one shot to deliver everything your client needs to know before they come on board. Kinda like with your process, giving them a solid understanding of the team they’ll be working with is super important. Help them to understand the people behind the brand and all the incredible things they’re capable of.


Be sure to include FAQs

When you leave this document with your potential clients, they should have everything they need to make their decision about working with you. In other words, if anything comes to mind that they need clearing up, you’d better have included it in your proposal. Work through a set of FAQs which will cover all the questions your clients might think of and rebut any reasons they may have to go with someone else.


Advise what your timeline will be

Generally when we’re working with clients, we need certain responses from them in order to complete their work and, if they’re slow on delivering this, we can be too. When you map out their timeline, they can see how the project will all come together and their expectations about how long everything will take will be clear from the outset.


End the document with a punchy Call to Action

The purpose of your client proposal is to outline everything your client needs to know about working with you. And, I mean everything! If you want your dream client to call you as soon as they’ve finished reading, tell them. If they need to email you to kickstart the process, they need to know. Wrap up your proposal in a way which leaves your clients inspired and with absolutely no confusion about what will happen next.


Do you feel ready to elevate your client proposals to the next level? Great news—we’ve got just what you need! We’ve crafted a suite of beautiful proposal templates in Canva, designed to incorporate all the essential elements we’ve discussed, plus a few extra touches to make them stand out. These templates are not only visually stunning but also easy to customize with your branding. If you’re eager to make a lasting impression on your clients and streamline your proposal process, check out our ready-to-go templates in Canva.

Dive in and start impressing your clients today!



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