For Web Design projects:

Step 1

After initial payment we’ll get together for an intensive workshop where we’ll extract all that juicy information you didn’t even realise you had.
To be prepared for this workshop, we ask that you create a visual moodboard of all those images saved in your head for us to translate into your new project.
We’ll also ask you about your:
• target market
• why you need a website
• who’ll be using your site
• what information your customers need to find on your site

By the end of this meeting we’ll finalise your website’s sitemap.

Step 2 

We wireframe your site, creating basic page layouts for your key pages.
This is where we get all strategic; we’ll formulate your user’s journey and use that to plan the structure of each of your site’s pages.

Step 3

Now that the wireframes are complete we can apply the design.
We create two individual design concepts of your home page, using the wireframe as our guide.

Step 4 

You supply us with your content and any required imagery for the main pages of the site.

Step 5

You choose the concept you think best nails your brief.

Decide which of the two concepts are in closest alignment with the needs of your target audience while giving us any feedback you have to really perfect the concept.

Step 6 

You confirm your design.
We’ll roll your new design out to the other pages, carrying that same look and feel across your whole site.

Two rounds of changes are included at this stage, ensuring we get the page designs 100% right for your target audience.

Step 7 

You sign off on the design, we send the designs to our developers.

To kick off the site build, we’ll need the 25% progress payment at this point.

Step 8 

We create the site for you and will give you a link for thorough site testing.

Two rounds of changes are included at this stage for tweaking content and imagery.

Step 9

You sign off on the site!
Once you’ve paid the remaining 25% you can pop the champagne while we load your new website.

Step 10

We’ll contact you to lock in a training date and hand over the reins (ie. show you how to update your pages and answer any questions you may have.)