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Client: Pet Professor

Services: Brand Identity Design and Marketing Materials Design


Marianne – owner of Pet Professor has big dreams of taking her business to new heights in the coming years. And to take her there, she needed a new brand and logo for her games-based dog training service.

The brief for The Pet Professor logo was that it needed to stand out from other “cartoonish” animal service-based businesses and reflect a more modern, upbeat yet professional business. To achieve this we incorporated a wagging animal-neutral tail (GIF) into the brand name. Simple, original, and effective.

To capture the elements of the games-based training we created upbeat colourful graphics to bring energy, and emotive elements to help people better empathise and engage with the Pet Professor brand. We also created social media tiles featuring dog/cat ‘tales’ to put a positive and humorous spin to otherwise frustrating situations many pet owners experience throughout their lives with their pets.

Marianne Curran
Pet Professor


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