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Client:Brigalow Consulting

Services: Brand Creation, Document Template Design, Website Design and Development in SquareSpace



Brigalow’s mission is to improve public policy by partnering with organisations to write more effective submissions to government inquiries. ⁠In need of a strong and memorable brand that represented what they do, as well as one that embodied partnership, integrity, fact-based wisdom, mutual respect and innovation, Brigalow reached out to The Design Order, and asked us to create something that would be compelling as well as honest in feel. ⁠⁠ ⁠⁠


The logo we built for them consists of a strong, bold icon, coupled with a modern innovative font. The woven B represents the journey of the submission’s progress, each end working hand in hand to shape and form the final piece.⁠⁠ The colour palette is a unity of opposites – a green to add calm and build trust, black for sophistication and yellow and orange to invigorate and bring a modern flavour. ⁠⁠


⁠⁠The typography is then made up of a beautiful modern serif which we have used for headings. Traditional in form which brings an air of wisdom and professionalism to the table. The body font is a modern sans serif to ensure maximum visibility when reading long texts.⁠⁠


The next stage in building Brigalow’s brand was to create an online presence to help cement their credibility and trust with their audience. ⁠⁠


Working alongside the very talented @contentedcopywriter (Copywriter) and @tba_Content (Video and photographic content production) we put together a Squarespace site for them to explain their submissions process, benefits of service and pricing all in one easy to manage space. ⁠⁠


The 'wow' factor started from the get go and never let up—from proposal to delivery. Zoë's experience and deep interest in our brand requirements gave us peace of mind and great anticipation throughout the design process until our beautiful brand was born. We highly recommend The Design Order.

Alistair Davidson
Brigalow Consulting


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