Step it up a gear. How to up-level your projects online.⁠ - The Design Order

Step it up a gear. How to up-level your projects online.⁠

Step it up a gear. How to up-level your projects online.⁠

If you are a service based professional like an interior designer, landscaper or builder it is so important to make sure your projects shine when your audience comes to your website. It is your past projects that will show new audiences the kind of results you can achieve and these will be a large factor in them deciding whether they will want to work with you or not. 

Your portfolio/project area will be THE place new clients will go to on your website to see what you can do and it is good imagery that really helps make websites get that WOW factor. It is SO important to get this right to ensure you attract the best clients to your door. ⁠

In the points below we chat through some of our very top tips on how to keep your project images looking as good as they can as well as being consistent across your site to help draw in those ideal clients.With websites good quality imagery IS EVERYTHING and is the thing that can make your site go from zero to hero in a flash.

If you are a service based business who leans heavily on your case studies and portfolio items for credibility establishment it is super important to pay a lot of attention to these to ensure you get it right.


Right now let’s get into it;

1.⁠ Remember it is WORTH the investment.
People want to SEE what you can do, you want to show them your BEST work. When starting out dont be overwhlemed by the process – building a portfolio library is something you can do over time and update piece by piece.⁠

2.⁠ Use the same photographer for a consistent style
Find one that you work well with and, most importantly, produce great work and keep using them all the time for a consistent end result. If you have to use different photographers make sure you show them previous project shoots so that light/saturation/style is kept consistent across the board. ⁠

3.⁠ Build your project portfolio for your audience
ie. choose the best work that is going to resonate with them and that supports your business goals. Choose only your best projects and don’t skimp on quality. ⁠Show only your best work.

4.⁠ ALWAYS prep before the shoot
(ie. pay to get stylists in, make sure the grounds are tidy and shoot straight after you are finished)⁠. If straightening curtains and tidying isnt your thing, hire someone to help with this.

5.⁠ Use professional photographers
They are there for a reason and these are one of the times to use their expertise to your advantage. Photos from your iphone won’t cut it most of the time, and even if you have a pro camera you will not get the same consistent end result that they will. ⁠

6.⁠ Avoid harsh light
It is best to shoot either in the early morning or late afternoon so you don’t have harsh shadows – a cloudy day can also be your friend.⁠

7. Capture your uniqueness
Make sure your portfolio captures your unique style and your strong points and skills.

8. Fill in the blanks
Include short descriptions to educate people about the brief, the process and the results achieved. Where possible a portfolio item is also always stronger with a testimonial by its side.


So there you go, can you see room for improvement in your site? We hope this helps point you in the right direction!

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