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Goodbye Linktree!

Goodbye Linktree!

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In this helpful handy blog we will show you how to create a personalised page for your Instagram biolink using Squarespace in 4 handy steps.


Why is this so handy?

It will mean you will be able to track clicks directly through your website Analytics to see where people are going. The branding will be consistent with your website and you will be able to easily update the links and content whenever you need.


How to:

Step 1 –  Create a new page within your Squarespace site. To do this Click on the cog icon on the side of the page and type ‘Instagram’ for the URL slug.

Step 2 –  Use one column to create your Instagram links layout.  Stack your elements from top to bottom using buttons for your links. Brand the page with an image of you or a logo.

Step 3 –  Click on the cog icon on the side of the page and navigate to the advanced TAB. Copy the below code and paste it into the ‘Page Header Code Injection’:

Squarespace version 7.0:
.Header {display:none !important;}
.Footer {display:none !important;}
.Mobile-bar{display:none !important;}
.sqs-announcement-bar {display:none !important;}
.sqs-block-button-element–medium {width: 220px !important;}

Squarespace version 7.1:
header,footer {
.sqs-block-button-element {width: 220px}</style>

Hit save!  This will hide the header and footer of this page as well as making the buttons the same size.

Step 4 –  Copy and paste your new page url – ‘’ to your profile link on your Instagram page and voila, you are done!


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