Conscious brands that inspire

Conscious brands that inspire

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Over the many years we’ve refined our craft in this industry, it’s become very clear the type of values we hold dear. So when it came to aligning these values with our business branding, there’s one in particular which really stood out.

We love nature. And we love the world we live in.

Above most things, we want to make sure that our children are able to enjoy the same beauty and experiences that we have and we’ll do everything in our power to make that happen.

For this reason, when we find other businesses who share this passion, we get a teeny bit excited. And by teeny, of course we mean massively.

Because we are so excited and we want people to share our passion (and support the businesses which have it), here’s 5 conscious brands that are kicking ass in business, all while treading lightly on this earth.

Seed & Sproutit’s kinda hard not to totally fangirl over this business. Born out of the brilliant mind of a Mum looking for sustainable solutions to packing school lunches, this brand is the epitome of treading lightly. Their products are designed with their end of life in mind so that all of them are either recyclable, compostable or zero waste. They reuse and limit packaging when sending it out, their team is encouraged to work from home or carpool to reduce on emissions, there’s a flow beehive and compost bin on site, they use solar panels to generate their power which means they’re emissions-free….honestly, the list goes on and on. Suffice it to say, we love these products and we LOVE what the Seed & Sprout team does.

The Conscious Spacethis beautiful concept acknowledges the impact living in a non-sustainable way has, not only on our planet but, also our mental and physical health. This philosophy has led to a gorgeously curated collection of businesses, ideas and (in non-COVID times) events, all designed to educate and empower people to make decisions which support this perspective. You can subscribe as a consumer to receive recipes; suggestions to implement around the home; profiles on like-minded people and businesses or, as a business to share your innovations with eager sustainable-folk. Start by perusing their stunning website but, I must warn you, you might like to have a cuppa and some time handy, it’s hard not to get lost in oodles of articles, tips, images and inspiring profiles.

Frank Greenfor those of you who are long-time followers of TDO, you’d know that anything to do with coffee holds a special place in our hearts. Being lovers of coffee, we’re totally aware that there is quite the range of options for reusable cups available but there’s something pretty cool about the Frank Green cups. Yes, they have their original reusable cup which is super durable, dishwasher safe and all that jazz. Plus there’s the ceramic option, designed to keep your coffee warm for hours. BUT did you know about the tap to pay feature cup?! There’s an app you can use to top up your account and a convenient chip embedded in the bottom of your cup so, as you place your order, tap your cup and you’ll be good to go. If we’re talking about making your life easier and treading lightly on the earth, this my friend, is it. The ability to head out for your coffee run with nothing but your essential reusable cup is a deadset game changer.

Flora & Fauna this one-stop shop for all your home, beauty, pet, clothing and pretty much anything you think you might need is vegan, ethically sourced, cruelty free and low impact. In the five years they’ve been in business, Flora & Fauna have saved over 30 tonnes of unnecessary packaging by using plastic-free and, you won’t get any printed receipts or packing orders from this paper-free warehouse. When you’re done with your beauty packaging, hosiery and other things, you can send them back to be recycled. They partner with a bunch of awesome charities and, 1% of their sales are donated to environmental causes as part of the 1% for the planet program. It’s fair to say, this is a business who is truly doing their bit to provide that beautiful planet for our children which we’re dreaming of. Plus, their range is honestly brilliant too.

Nimble Activewearthese high school friends have stayed connected through the years due to, amongst other things, their love of movement. It was this shared passion which, in 2013 led them to create beautiful-looking activewear which also felt super comfy to wear. Then, to ensure true triple-threat status of their savvy business brand, they decided their pieces should also be planet-friendly too. All the materials they use have been sourced with comfort and style at the fore but also remaining conscious of manufacturing and recycling practices too. We can assure you, when you’re wearing a pair of their super comfy leggings or cosy puffer jackets, you would never believe you were wearing what remains of approximately 50 plastic bottles. That’s right! Their soft and breathable fabrics have been spun into yarn and knitted with melted-down plastic bottles. And when you get your activewear in the post, you better believe the packaging is compostable too!


For us here at TDO, there isn’t much more inspiring than these innovative legends (most of them women too!), who have shaped their businesses around a love and respect for our beautiful planet and a desire to preserve it for future generations.



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