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Enduring Brand Design. How to outlast the latest trends.

Enduring Brand Design. How to outlast the latest trends.

In our fast-moving, modern culture, there are certain things which simply have not aged well. A few which spring to mind are, most 90’s sitcoms whose humour is based on sexist jokes; perms; loud, brightly-coloured kitchen benchtops and decor. While others (some quite surprisingly), have stood the test of time and can be safely classified as iconic: Mum jeans, activewear and, basically any of the classically stylish, Audrey Hepburn looks.

In the wise words of Coco Chanel, “Fashion is made to become unfashionable.”

Whether we like it or not, in order for the industry to continue being profitable, trends must fall out of style to ensure we’re willing to spend our money on the next one. Which means, when you go with the uber-trendy, latest-fashion design trend, you can be sure it will need to be updated before the ink dries on the new branding collateral you’ve just printed.


To guarantee your brand is on the right side of fashion history, here are the elements which should be incorporated into your brand design for timeless, enduring business branding.

Minimalism – reflecting on our greatest fashion icons and styles, it’s always the less-is-more approach which prevails. Designs which have stood the test of time are usually recognised by their sleek lines, and their classic shape and form. To ensure your brand is memorable for the right reasons, keep it simple.

White space – when it comes to classic, long-lasting design, less is more! If in doubt, think about where you want the eye of your audience to be drawn to. If it’s your slick business name, tagline or business info then, why distract them with unnecessary space-fillers?!

Clear, easy-to-read typography – look, I am the very first to admit there are some ON POINT fonts out there! No-one appreciates the art of creative fonts more than me. BUT! I’m sure you’ve seen the font fails that circulate the internet every now and then. To avoid becoming a meme, check your spelling and legibility and then, check it again!

Think big! – if your business branding is designed to endure, it needs to embody the business you want to be, rather than the start-up you are as you’re dreaming up your brand concepts. Simple choices like your brand name, target audience and even your fonts and colours can reflect your current business model and potentially leave you with no room to grow. Or, they can propel you closer towards the iconic brand you see in your not-too-distant future.

Avoid trends – remember what I said before? Yeh ok, Coco said it first. But the key take home message here is, today’s fashion is guaranteed to be tomorrow’s frump. Rather than jumping on the latest brand design trend, stand out from the crowd by choosing unique and enduring designs.


As you make your way through the process of creating your business branding, I would definitely advise you to do some searching for inspiration. Although, why restrict yourself to the latest brands and trends? Immerse yourself in the classics and become familiar with the type of design which will far outlast whatever the current fad may happen to be.




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