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Small brands, big impact: brands that have nailed their branding

Small brands, big impact: brands that have nailed their branding

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If I were to ask you to name someone that has 100% nailed their business branding, a pretty darn obvious choice would be that little ol’ brand called Apple. Their products are as instantly recognisable as their thoughtfully designed logo. Their customer experience is second-to-none and reliably consistent, and their ability to reinvent themselves while remaining true to their original company ethos is a source of inspiration for, pretty much every other business.


However, as inspirational as Apple is, here at TDO, we’re more in the business of advocating for businesses slightly smaller than let’s say, global-domination-sized. Although Apple’s branding is an excellent example of getting it right, there are some other, smaller, and closer to home businesses who we think do an equally awesome job. Here are a few slightly lesser-known brands who I believe make a big impact.


Modibodi – dreamed up soon after the birth of her second child, Austiralian CEO Kristy has taken this business global in just 10 short years. Originally released as an alternative to the myriad disposable period products on the market, this reusable underwear caters to all levels of period flow, incontinence, discharge or sweat. In the last few years they released swimwear and, more recently, a range of underwear for men. Their sustainability message resonates through all their work by using natural and recycled fabric in their products, sustainable packaging and, encouraging their customers to donate money which provides Modibodi products to those in need. As if all this amazing work isn’t enough, a quick look at their website quickly confirms their message of diversity. An inspiring range of women model their products, making it clear that this is a brand who truly practice what they preach. Just quietly, I feel pretty happy to be the Mum of two young girls who will be able to navigate a notoriously tricky part of growing up when they’ve got brands like Modibodi to guide them!


Pana Organic – developed out of Melbourne, this company originally sought to provide a “…rich, luxurious chocolate the whole world could enjoy.”  Now, many years later Pana Organic have expanded their range to include spreads, frozen desserts and baking products. Their ingredients are sourced from the best suppliers across the world and, in a kitchen in Melbourne, they’re cooked at low temperatures, ensuring they maintain the highest amount of nutrients possible. Conscious of their impact, Pana plant trees as part of their give-back plan and encourage their customers to do so also, by organising and participating in land care programs. At the end of 2017, their trees-planted tally sat at 50,000!


Hipster Mum – if you’re an entrepreneur and you haven’t come across this name, it’s about time you did!! Jade, aka Hipster Mum, is the go-to for everything photography and social media. Her Instagram tips are dead-set gold, and her photographs are stunning – shooting everything from personal branding, to events, products and families. And if there’s one thing she absolutely nails, it’s her branding. Everything Jade posts remains true to her branding and, it’s pretty easy to identify her work when it’s shared by the likes of Business Chicks and Bodzilla. I think the best way to wrap up this section is by sharing the words from a meme posted on the Hipster Mum socials which really resonated with me and how I believe you can build a consistent and bloody good brand!  – Build a business that feels good on the inside. Not just one that looks good on the outside.


Yes these are businesses doing very different things in very different markets but there is a very obvious thread which connects them. They have a reasonably simple ethos which they have remained true to from the very beginning, allowing them to develop clear, consistent branding that will stand the test of time.



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