When good branding makes for good business

When good branding makes for good business

For those of you following along at home, you should remember my previous blog in which I mentioned the importance of getting to know your brand. For the rest of you, the gist of it was, that if you consider your brand more like a friend and begin to understand its personality, you’ll find it so much easier to promote it to your target audience.

See, the thing about developing your brand personality is, your customers will begin to trust it. Your brand will become more tangible and, in time as they get to know more and more, it will simply become part of their lives. The only caveat of this is, to build this level of trust and credibility, your brand must truly know who it is, and it needs to remain consistent to it. Always.


As a business owner, creating clear, consistent branding, is not just clever marketing, it’s damn good business. As you start to establish these for your business, the flow-on effect may just surprise you. Here are 4 awesome wins you’ll notice when you implement consistent branding:

You’re attracting the RIGHT people.

Whether it’s employees or customers, your branding will appeal to the people you actually want it to. Because you’ve spent so much time getting into the mindset of your target audience, your business branding will speak directly to them. Similarly, when you’re ready to hire, the people who want to work for you will be likeminded and will seamlessly ease into your team.


Your customers know what they can expect from you.

I know that there are some instances where people have received some blatantly horrific customer service. However, I do believe that in a lot of cases, dissatisfaction really stems from a misunderstanding between what a service can deliver and what the customer THINKS they can receive. With clear and consistent business branding, your communication will ensure there’s no confusion and transparent expectations are set from the very first point of contact.


Your business almost begins to market itself.

The great thing about setting up a schmick brand identity is, it’s the kind of thing you’ll be showing to anyone and everyone. When you’ve got a brand that you’re proud of, you want to talk about it, you want to send people to your website and, you’ll quickly find that they’re doing the same thing. It’s not that you’ll be able to get rid of your marketing budget but, I do firmly believe that between your proud promotion and the excellent word of mouth you’ll get as a result, you will find yourself with a very strong, cohesive marketing strategy.


Your customers can see how much you care.

Half the fun of planning a good night out is contemplating your outfit, how you’ll style your hair and which accessories you’ll add to your look. Generally speaking, the more you’re looking forward to the event, the more effort you put into your appearance. The same can be said for your business branding. By pulling together mismatched elements in an attempt to create your brand identity, you’re sending a message to your potential clients and unfortunately, it’s not a particularly good one. Taking the time to remain true to your brand personality and doing this consistently is a clear communication of how professional you are and how great you’ll be to work with.


As a designer who’s been creating brands for business for over 15 years, I get it. I understand how overwhelming it can be to pull together everything you need to establish this clear and consistent branding I’m banging on about. And, it’s for this very reason that I’ve been toiling away on something which will be a GAME CHANGER for your business.

Without giving too much away, this exciting release this year will ensure you nail your business branding and that it remains consistent with every, single point of contact.



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