Why brands are letting their hair down

Why brands are letting their hair down


When you hear that greeting, do you picture a man sitting on a couch, drinking a beer and yelling down the phone at his mate? I know I sure do. This 1999 Budweiser ad is one of many iconic marketing campaigns which are fun, catchy and, bloody successful!

Even though this ad was some time ago now, it has still taken other brands a little while to catch on that it’s ok (actually no, it’s freaking great!) to have some fun with your brand identity.


Why branding doesn’t have to be a bore.

See the thing is, if what you’re doing is THAT good and THAT meaningful, why not have a little fun with your business branding and let your work speak for itself?

Closer to home, there are a few brands who I think understand, and totally nail, the fun brief.


Good Pair Days

This Aussie business prides themselves on being like your own, personal sommelier. You fill in your preferences and they’ll send you wines which will appeal to you, along with tasting notes and a recipe and food pairing suggestion.

Although this awesome business idea is enticing enough as it is, the team at Good Pair Days execute their idea in a fun and refreshing way. I mean, the whole premise of their business name is an ode to those perfect days where “…you’re feelin’ yourself. Things are going your way, matching up.” They post catchy quotes on their socials, interspersed with helpful tips for tasting and pairing wines. The personality of this team shines through, and I like it!!

To further enhance their appeal, they have environmental awareness too! All their boxes are made of a majority recyclable material, they’re 100% recyclable once you’ve used them and, the packaging your bottles come in is 100% biodegradable. Because, as they say themselves: no planet, no pinot.



There aren’t many businesses whose attitude speaks to me more than the “no worries” attitude of this clever bunch.

Everything about Kóala is consistent. From the name they chose to represent them, all the way down to how they do business.

Like the animal of the same name, these guys are not prepared to waste energy. Kóala was created in response to an industry which had a little room for improvement. As a result, all their energy goes into understanding their customer’s worries and using this info to create an experience which makes things easier for them. I mean, when your team photo features you all jumping on one of your innovative mattresses, you gotta be doing something right!

And, they’ve also got a conscience! Consistent again with their business name, when you buy a mattress, you also adopt a precious, endangered Koala.


Who Gives a Crap

Now, if this isn’t the name of a business that loves to have a bit of fun, then I’m a monkey’s uncle!

Started off the back of a very serious issue, the team at Who Gives a Crap have created a business which represents an incredible cause by selling, of all things, loo paper!

When it was brought to their attention that 2.4 billion people do not have access to toilets, this group of awesome people decided to do something about it. 50% of their profits go directly to NGOs across the world to provide access to basic sanitation needs.

If that’s not enough to endear you to Who Gives a Crap, have a quick look around their website and I’m sure you’ll be smiling, toot sweet. Their blog is called Talking Crap and, with a business built around “…toilet humour and making the world a better place.” Honestly, you can’t go wrong.

See, if these guys have taught me anything, it’s that you don’t have to take everything so seriously in business and, this can be your defining advantage. Take us here at TDO for example, my dear mother (Hi Mum!!) called me not long after my new website had launched. Her eagle eyes had picked up a swear word in my content and she was “concerned” that this wasn’t the “proper way” to talk in business.

🤦‍♀️ I rolled my eyes for two reasons:

  1. Doesn’t she know me well enough to know that that’s just me?
  2. C’mon Mum, I wouldn’t let shit like that slip through unintentionally!!


Because, I believe that no matter what your business represents, it’s good to step out of your comfort zone and have a little fun with your audience! It doesn’t have to be fun and light all the time but, a little cheeky post here and there will allow a spark of personality to shine through. That unique edge you display when you have a little fun will make you stand out and be noticed and, the people who don’t love it, probably aren’t your kind of people.

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