How to stand out in your industry and get booked…without dropping your prices!

How to stand out in your industry and get booked…without dropping your prices!

As a business, every single touchpoint you have with a customer will tell them something about you. This could be the way you word your emails or the content you’re posting on social media and it also includes what you charge. Everything your customer receives should be commensurate with your experience, the service you provide and of course, the final product they’ll receive. And, when this isn’t a consistent and accurate depiction, your customer will assume your quality isn’t great either.

A tricky component of being a small business owner is setting your pricing. It’s hard not to question yourself and worry if you’re charging too little or too much. Then, when business is quiet some people tend to think it’s their pricing which may be putting people off. Well, I’m here to tell you there’s something else you should be considering!

Good branding is thoughtfully designed to speak directly to your dream clients. It will ensure that when people have contact with your business, they instantly see the value and quality of your work and will identify your status as a leader in your industry. By branding in the right way, to the right people your audience will be certain that you can meet their needs and you’ll be inundated by only your dream clients.

The perfect example of this is my friend Jennifer. Let me tell you a story about her gorgeous beauty salon, of which I am a regular, called Embellish Inc.

Jen had been running a successful beauty salon but was beginning to realise she was stuck in a bit of a business rut. Her branding was no longer resonating, and she felt it was time to transition the salon into an exclusive, premium offering. To do this, she approached me to rebrand her business, ensuring her brand attracted the right kind of client.

Following this brief, I created a suite of templated materials for her to use online and in her salon. This collateral, combined with the stylish revamp of her salon, became a far more accurate reflection of the exclusive salon she had been dreaming of.

The thing is, Jen’s business had all the right elements. She just needed someone to pull them together in fresh and timeless way. Now, her branding oozes sophistication and people immediately identify her as high-end and as a leader in her industry.

There are a whole lot of ways in which you can attract clients and, reducing your prices is definitely not the one I would recommend. If you’re feeling like interest in your business has slowed to more of a trickle, it’s probably time to consider the message your branding is communicating to your audience and, we’ve got just the thing for you!

The good news is, we have created the only branding workbook you’ll ever need. With businesses just like yours in mind, we’ve put together all the necessary information to guide you through revamping, or creating, your brand to ensure it’s consistent, robust, timeless and AWESOME! Take a look at it here >



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