You’ve got a logo! Now what?

You’ve got a logo! Now what?

When it comes to getting your new logo, I totally get it. It’s pretty darn exciting! Those beautiful, carefully chosen colours, that sleek, stylish font… I could go on and on. You guys, I’m a design nerd. When you see that logo come together, it’s a big deal, I’m with you 100%!!

However, even the nerdiest design nerds out there will tell you, your work is not done yet. Yes, your logo is an exciting achievement but, it’s important to remember, it’s just one step towards creating your business branding.

A logo is a visual representation of your business. It’s your unique mark which is made up of your business name and possibly, a graphical element. Always the same, it identifies your business and conveys to your audience what you do and what you value.

What your logo is not, however, is your brand. Yes, it is important, but it is one element which will ultimately make up your brand. The seamless weaving of these elements will evoke a feeling in your customers each time they encounter your business. It will either trigger an instant connection or, they’ll find that connection somewhere else.

With that in mind, let’s have a chat about the other elements which make up your brand and, now that you have a logo, what you should be considering.

  • Visuals – are made up of components such as style, colours and the type of imagery you decide to use. Together these elements will appeal to your audience and evoke that feeling which we spoke about earlier. The best way to ensure you consistently spark those feelings is to pull all your visuals together into a moodboard. If you’d like to know more about creating one of these, you should definitely check out this blog>


  • Language – coupled with your use of visuals, your language will speak to your dream client, communicating your unique brand proposition. You’ll use it in a way w resonates with your audience, motivating them to engage with your business.


  • Consistency – this one has been listed last, not because it is the least important, but rather because it is the most. No matter how wonderful your choices have been for the previous items, if they don’t all tie together, it will have been for nothing.


“But, how can I ensure I’m choosing the right elements for my clients?” I hear you ask and, to that I say:

  • Spend time understanding your target market on an emotional level. Create personas for them and allow this to help you get right inside their head, understanding what it is they need, and want, from you.


  • Create a brand guide. I cannot stress the importance of this enough! Your brand guide will use the information about your target market to direct your choices and ensure consistency…consistently! It is the thread which weaves each of your branding elements together, ensuring every customer touch point is aligned.


  • Refresh and reinvigorate. Yes, you’ve got an awesome brand but, your business will grow and evolve, and your brand needs to do the same. Be prepared to revisit your branding annually to ensure it’s still hitting the mark. We suggest making it part of your checklist at the start of every year.


Now do you agree? Yes, your logo is something to feel excited about and to be proud of BUT, when it comes to creating your business branding, it is only ONE piece of the puzzle.

To make this puzzle construction easier for you, we have created the ONLY branding workbook you’ll ever need. For businesses just like yours, we’ve curated all the essential info to guide you through refining, or creating your brand to ensure it’s consistent, robust and AWESOME! You can download it by clicking here >



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