4 ways an inconsistent brand is hurting your business

4 ways an inconsistent brand is hurting your business

When you’re starting out as a small business, branding can feel a little like the thing you need to work towards. That, when you’ve earned a certain amount of money or, when you have a certain number of clients, then you’ll be able to treat yourself to some branding. Well, I’m sorry to say, this shouldn’t be how it’s done.

Branding should not be seen as the thing you work towards over time. Branding is the foundation for your business. When you’ve established quality, consistent branding, everything you do will naturally flow from there. Not sure what to post on social media? Your branding will guide you. Confused how to pitch to a client? That’s what your branding can help with.

Conversely, when your branding is inconsistent, you are potentially doing damage to your business. While it may be difficult to read, if you haven’t locked down some slick branding, here are the ways that inconsistent branding is hurting your business:

  • You’re not spending time doing your real work – when you’re a one-(wo)man show, the buck stops at you. And, when you don’t have consistent branding to guide your choices, it’s easy to get lost in a rabbit hole of Canva templates and style choices. While this may be kind of fun, the shine will quickly wear off. Particularly when you realise it’s time you’re not spending with your clients or, doing the work which will generate the invoices.


  • Your business looks unprofessional – this is probably a particularly tough one to read but, I’m afraid that it’s true. When your messaging is unclear, it will appear to your audience that you’re not really sure what you’re doing. In fact, they may even think that your baby, this business that you’ve worked so hard to build, is simply a hobby that you’re tinkering with.


  • You’re not doing enough marketing – you know that feeling when you walk out of the hair salon with a fresh, new do? Like, you scrabble around to meet someone, nay anyone, for a drink because, let’s be real. This hair simply MUST be seen. Well, that’s how it is when you have a consistent brand you’re really proud of. You want to show people and you want to promote it. When you’re not feeling that pride, your heart just isn’t in it. You don’t prioritise marketing and thus, people don’t know you’re there.


  • You’ve got cashflow issues – because, let’s face it. If all of these other things are an issue for you, the money just isn’t coming in. When you’re in this situation, I can absolutely understand you thinking that perhaps branding is something you can’t afford. However, given the points we’ve seen above, it’s time to consider that maybe you can’t afford not to.


Unfortunately, this probably isn’t the whole, complete list either. I’m sure that, if you’re struggling with the issues I’ve mentioned above, you’re probably also struggling with the flow-on from all of them. As in, your confidence and motivation and likely quite low and, if you’re not attracting your dream client, you’re probably not getting a whole lot of those, much sought-after word of mouth referrals either.

Now, don’t be disheartened! There is hope for you, and for your branding.

You can download our Essential Branding Workbook by clicking here to help you create the foundations for a unforgettable brand.



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